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Testing the Garage Door Opener

06/16/2015 Back To Blog

One of the most important garage door maintenance tasks which you have to perform is the testing of the opener. More precisely, the safety sensors and the automatic reversal mechanism need to be tested. They work to prevent serious accidents which can lead to bodily injury and property damage. If there is something wrong with them, you must acknowledge the problem in a timely manner and take action straight away to resolve the issue. That is why you have to perform the tests at least every three months.Testing the Garage Door Opener

The Main Tests

The first test is used to evaluate the operation of the safety sensors. Do it only after you have cleaned the devices and they are aligned properly. Basically, you need to provide garage door opener sensors maintenance first. Open the door fully and place a solid object in front of one of the sensors. It does not matter which one is selected. The simplest object which you can use is a box of paper tissues. Once the item is in place, push the button of the garage motor remote to engage the closing. If the sensors are in optimal working condition, the door should not move downwards at all.

The second test is designed to assess the automatic reversal mechanism alone. The idea is not to involve the sensors at all. For this, open the door and place an object which does not block these devices underneath it. This could be double sided ladder or a folding patio chair which is tall enough. Again, you need to initiate the closing process with the clicker. When the overhead door touches the object, it must reverse its course immediately.

Furthermore, perform another garage door opener test which is designed to evaluate how quickly the sensors react and the door reverses its course. You need to get a broomstick, garden rake or thin solid object, and wave it under the door in front of the sensors while it is closing. The door should reverse swiftly without touching the object.

If the electric operator and the sensors fail any of the tests, you must have them checked straight away. It is best to disengage the opener and operate the door manually until the issue is resolved. This is a basic, but extremely useful safety measure which is designed to protect everyone around.


You should not hesitate to run these tests any time you notice any damage to the opener or to the sensors or less than optimal door operation.

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