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Common Garage Door Openers Problems

01/04/2014 Back To Blog

Garage door mechanisms are so complicated that even if you do regular garage door maintenance service, you may still have garage door problems. On the other hand, the outstanding condition of the garage door is vital to the security of your home and your easy access in and out of your garage. Hence, it’s important to know some basics of this complicated machine in order to deal with minor problems on your own. Since the garage door openers are essential parts of the whole system, you will find plenty of relevant articles in the web about their functioning and maintenance.Common Garage Door Openers Problems

Most Common Problems

    Since garage door springs lift the weight of the door, it’s natural that most problems are attributed to them. When they need lubrication, they make awful and loud sounds and when their life cycle is almost completed, they will lift the door with difficulty. If you want to avoid the complete damage of the springs, you should ask a garage door contractor in California to replace them.
    The problems caused by remote controls are relatively easy since most of them are associated with the need of new batteries, but even if you have other remote problems, you can easily replace the garage door opener remote.
    The chain drive garage door opener might not be moving because a wire or the chain is out of place. You might even need bent garage door track repair or your garage door will not properly close all the way down.
    Sometimes, you can fix small problems on your own, but most of the times it’s not safe to attempt to do your own repairs. If the problem is more serious than changing the batteries of your remote, you should call an emergency garage door companyin Burlingame to detect and fix the problem.

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